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Large tray feeds up to 12 ppl / Small tray feeds up to 5 ppl
Large tray feeds up to 12 ppl / Small tray feeds up to 5 ppl
Homemade sauces with your choice of pasta, add veggies, meat and cheese to tailor your pasta tray to perfection

Pasta Add Ons



Serves 12 - 15 people
Minimum order of 12 pieces
Seafood sauce choices:
Small individual dessert cups available upon request. Custom desserts available, the possibilities are endless! Please inquire.
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Interactive Food Stations

Delight your guests with fully-staffed catering stations that tailor to their individual tastes

Oyster Bar Stations

From $3.50 per oyster

Crostini Station

From $3.25 per piece

Create Your Own Pasta Station

From $10.95 per person

Prawn Station

Starting at $3 per prawn