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Italian & East Coast Cuisine

Catering your next event with the best of our family of Edmonton restaurants have to offer. From the freshest flown-in East Coast oyster, crab & lobster to elevated Italian classics like risotto, crostini & fresh made, in-house pasta, Amore Kitchen satisfies the guests of events of any size.

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of our family of restaurants

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Our catering menu offers the best from our family of Italian and East Coast seafood restaurants. View online and get in touch with us to build the perfect catered food experience for your next special event.

Amore Kitchen

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Large tray feeds up to 12 ppl / Small tray feeds up to 5 ppl
Large tray feeds up to 12 ppl / Small tray feeds up to 5 ppl
Choose from Penne, Rigatoni, Farfalle, Fettuccini or Spaghetti. Upgrade to fresh pasta

Pasta Add Ons



Minimum order of 12 pieces
Seafood sauce choices:
Small individual dessert cups available upon request. Custom desserts available, the possibilities are endless! Please inquire.
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Interactive Food Stations

Delight your guests with fully-staffed catering stations that tailor to their individual tastes

Oyster Bar Stations

From $3.50 per oyster

Crostini Station

From $3.25 per piece

Create Your Own Pasta Station

From $10.95 per person

Prawn Station

Starting at $3 per prawn

Nick Crudo

Award-Winning Catering Since 2019

I strongly believe that we as Edmontonians should have no lack of fresh, quality seafood in our city. Bringing the best of West and East Coast seafood in harmony with elevated Italian cuisine, Amore Kitchen caters events your guests will remember.

If your catering is memorable, your event will be memorable.

With a wide variety of customizable dishes to choose from, including interactive catering stations, make Amore Kitchen catering part of your event success.

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